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DUIs, Drug Possession, Assault & Battery,

Robbery, Juvenile Crimes, Domestic Violence, Weapons Crimes, Breaking & Entering

When you must stand before the judge, you need a competent criminal defense lawyer by your side. That's because this area of law is quite complex. Mr. Simmons represents clients who have been charged with everything from DUIs to weapons crimes. If you are facing criminal charges, don't attempt to defend yourself. Instead, ensure the best defense possible when you rely on us. 


Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody,

Domestic Issues, Restraining Orders

If you need representation in a divorce or any other family law matter, you can trust the experience of Mr. Simmons to provide high quality and compassionate service. He can help you find answers to a full range of family law issues: from divorce, property division, and complex child custody matters, to situations involving domestic violence and false allegations of abuse. He is ready to deal with any situation using his skills, knowledge, and tenacity to win.


Evictions, Lease, and Foreclosure

Whether it’s a condo or coop, residential or commercial: all real estate can be complicated. Mr. Simmons has the experience you need when it comes to evictions, leases, and foreclosures. Don't get hung out to dry. Mr. Simmons will help you navigate the real estate waters with confidence regardless of your current situation. 



Employer misconduct, wrongful termination, harassment

Employer misconduct may involve discriminating against or harassing certain workers who belong to protected classes or failing to pay employees according to minimum wage and overtime laws. In some cases, employers may unlawfully retaliate against employees who have complained about their mistreatment. Mr. Simmons is familiar with federal, state, and local laws. He can help you file a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or a lawsuit for damages when appropriate. Whether you need a sexual harassment attorney, guidance with a wrongful termination claim, or another form of assistance, the law office of David G. Simmons is ready to provide comprehensive representation to employees and job applicants whose rights have been violated.

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